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China 2015: INSIGHTS | Spotlight on Digital...

Yi Li

Consulting Director, 

Insights and Analysis 



Chinese consumers love mobile and they want to be connected, all the time, anywhere. Digitally sophisticated, they use many channels from search engine, brand site, shopping apps, social brand communities, and instant message to seek out brand and product information, services and purchase opportunities. Therefore, the path to purchase journey is dynamic but conversion can happen instantly, when consumer needs are met at the right moment.

We see opportunities for brands to engage with consumers digitally to make business impact. But seamlessly integrating a brand’s experiences across all touch points and devices throughout a consumer’s lifetime requires science and art. Brands have to combine internal and external data to identify and capture the golden “Moments of Truth.” At those moments, when consumers are ready to purchase or eager to switch, it’s time to engage them with the personalized content. Success requires exceeding customers’ ever-growing expectations.