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China 2015: INSIGHTS | Spotlight on Digital..


Luo Xiaoting

Senior Vice President 

Hill+Knowlton Strategies, 



Walking down the street, on the metro, or in a cafe? with friends, most Chinese consumers have their nose in a mobile device. This isn’t rude or anti-social; this is their time – time to stay informed, do some shopping, zone out with a game and to be social. Brands that want to compete in the digital space are now competing on consumers’ terms.

Chinese consumers download and frequently use a lot of apps, and spend a significant amount of time on messaging and social media apps like WeChat. Brands need to be
aware of the conversations that are happening and where in order to creatively weave their narrative into a dialogue with consumers that is participatory, engaging and inspires action. Creating emotional value is imperative. The trick is how to interrupt consumers’ virtual lives to deliver value and connect them with something tangible all before they click away.