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China 2015: INSIGHTS | Spotlight on Digital.

Zita Wang

Digital Account Director 



Data, creative content and mobile marketing play crucial roles in the success of digital communication these days.

Accurate data is the foundation to map the target audiences, understand their online behaviors and dig out insights. Most importantly, data enables us to hijack the hottest social topics and key opinion leaders by merging brand content into it. Data’s value in digital strategy, content development, measurement, and brand reputation management is irreplaceable.

Great content always involves emotional linkages and social hot topics as triggers of engagement. Data based creative content that meets netizens’ interests and emotional needs, with attractive copy and simple interactive visuals gets us closer to success.

Mobile marketing is today’s most important digital battle in China. More than 527 million Chinese people use mobile phones, increasingly to search, communicate, share and even purchase and pay. To win the battle of mobile marketing, customize a brand digital strategy with data as background and content as sword. Then the honor of successful brand building will be ours.