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China 2015: INSIGHTS | TRUST

Michael Smollan

CEO Smollan, 



We know the consumers’ trust is lower than ever and their access to information greater. Some of the information they receive about products is true; some is false. This phenomenon leads to more and more inconsistent “brand messaging,” and may explain the lack of consumer trust.

As we have seen in the success of certain companies in China, the best way to gain long- term trust is with a simple brand message, supported by clear and consistent in-store messaging. We have seen how this brand consistency in all media and in-store gives consumers a sense of stability and therefore fosters trust in both the product and the brand.

Consistency is the key to long- term trust. For the next few years, the challenge facing manufacturers in China is achieving brand stability by focusing on the in-store and on- shelf appearance of the brand and its products.