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Executive Directo
Landor Associates

Recently Landor researchers have noticed a seeming shift in the basic attributes that underlie brand strength and financial success. In 2015, the nature of this shift was examined using a global multi-phase approach with analysis from Landor/Y&R Brand Asset Valuator and a qualitative analysis of consumers in the USA, Europe and China. The resulting synthesis identified a new leading indicator of future success for a brand – how good it is at being Agile. The six traits that are common (in varying degrees) to every Agile Brand are identified as principled, responsible, adaptive, multichannel, globally-aware, and having open communication with users. 

The Agile Brand in China difers from its global counterparts, however, in the degree to which the last four of these six traits are strongly evident and a quantitative factor for success in brands across categories and demographics. 

This insight gives starting points for agencies and brand owners looking for ways to improve. Does the brand have the habit of adapting? Is it leveraging all channels at its disposal? Even if not an export product, is it abreast of how its category is behaving in global markets? Has it established a communication channel with users? From pharmaceuticals to mobile phones, real estate to banking, the data shows that agility means success.