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Commercial Director
Kantar Health,

The healthcare industry in China saw unprecedented growth a few years ago, but now we need to work harder to make these brands’ launch trajectories as steep as possible. Following the three simple rules below will help organizations to think more strategically when looking for brand growth drivers.

1. It’s not just about using insights from awareness and usage metrics anymore. The world has moved on, and a strong brand growth framework will allow research and marketing teams to collaboratively identify where the best return on your yuan is.
2. Healthcare is diferent, especially in China where Chinese traditional medicine makes up a large percentage of the market. Taking a consumer framework and overlaying it on healthcare will not work. In addition, pharma sales forces in China are under unprecedented scrutiny. E-detailing is becoming part of the sales mix, and social channels such as WeChat have become important platforms for not only consumers but doctors too.

Focus on three pillars:

• Brand access – Is your drug present on the National Reimbursed Drug List (NRDL) or regional lists? Do hospital policies support its use? How widespread is its distribution? And can patients aford it in a market where, despite government reforms, up to three-quarters of costs are still paid outof-pocket?

• Brand execution – Do you have the right mix of traditional and digital channels? What messages are consumers and doctors receiving?

• Brand experience – What is in the mind of a doctor or consumer when they are deciding what to prescribe/pick up from the pharmacy shelf?3. Implement high quality research and marketing recommendations.