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China 2016: INSIGHTS | MEDIA


Managing Director
Xaxis China
China is undoubtedly riding the digital trend, as evidenced by the rapid growth in the use of smartphone, e/m-commerce, mobile payment, smart TV, etc. This gives advertisers unprecedented opportunities to reach consumers through diverse digital channels, but it also creates challenges. We now see only a fragmented view of consumers across multiple devices, making it more di cult to provide coherent ad delivery.

Complicating matters is the increasingly cluttered business environment in China. Advertisers now have to work harder to make more cost e cient campaign delivery and use more accurate targeting to make every RMB count. As a result, reaching Chinese consumers e ectively and e ciently while making advertising engaging is a key focus. Fortunately, advertisers now have access to abundant consumer data and enhanced technologies to help them find creative solutions to these challenges. Key amongst these is programmatic buying. A data-driven approach, programmatic buying allows advertisers to target audiences more intelligently by identifying who they are and how to reach them. For example, Xaxis deploys our own Data Management Platform, Turbine, to leverage client 1st party, 3rd party data and Demand Side Platform (DSP) to maximize our ability to target the right audience, serve the best ad, and create value for the client. As the benefits become more widely recognized, we anticipate programmatic buying is set to play an even bigger role in China’s integrated marketing strategy.