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China Top 100 resembles US, Global rankings

The balance of category value contribution to the BrandZ China ranking has shifted from State Owned Enterprises to entrepreneurial brands in retail and technology-related categories.  Consequently, the China ranking now fits differently in a global context.

The change to the brand and category landscape in China was swift and seismic. In just six years, from 2014 to 2020, 44 of the brands ranked in the BrandZ China Top 100 dropped out of the ranking and only 56 brands survived. In contrast, during a comparable period only 30 brands dropped out of the BrandZ Global Top 100 and 70 brands survived.

Before this transformation, the China and India BrandZ rankings had resembled each other in category contribution to value. The banks, insurance, and telecom categories still contribute a large proportion—48 percent—to the total value of the 2019 India Top 50.

In China, the banks, insurance, and telecom provider categories, which had contributed 70 percent of value to the China Top 50 only 10 years ago, now contribute only 20 percent to the Top 100. Instead, the technology, lifestyle platform, and retail categories now comprise 48 percent of the 2020 BrandZ China Top 100 total value.

Today, in category value composition, the BrandZ China ranking more closely resembles the BrandZ US and Global rankings. In all three rankings, the technology, technology-related, and retail categories produce around half the value. And in all three rankings, e-commerce brands drive the retail category value and both device and internet brands drive the technology category value,