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Choosing the right touchpoints


Kumaraswamy Narendran

Senior Business Director

Kantar TNS




In today’s marketplace, there is a proliferation of touchpoints through which consumers can experience brands. This is a vast change from the pre-digital era of radio and TV, when effective communication was about having good reach and frequency. In the early days of the digital era, the focus was on click rates and likes, and now brands need to look at leaving an impression with the consumer through whichever touchpoint the consumer comes in contact with.


The golden rule here is this: More is not necessarily merrier. Only 20 percent of brands’ current touchpoints generate 80 percent of the impact.


For effective connection with consumers, brands need to have a clear touchpoint strategy. This strategy should be based on what roles each touchpoint can play – perhaps building awareness, or driving consideration – and the brand objective. Is it to build awareness, consideration or something else? By mapping these two factors, brands can determine which touchpoints are likely to be most effective and make the best impact on the brand.