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Company: Credit Mutuel-CIC Group

Brand value: US$544 million

Headquarter city: Paris

Category: Banks

Year formed: 1859

CIC offers a broad range of consumer banking and insurance services from its network of around 2,000 branches, and is known for its support of small businesses.

 Its mission is to help consumer and small business clients – particularly entrepreneurs – build their own future in a socially responsible way. The bank claims that one-third of small and medium businesses in France are CIC customers. For over a decade, CIC has cultivated its image as “La banque d’en face”, or “The bank next door”. Its mantra now is “Construisons dans un monde qui bouge», meaning «Let's build in a world that moves”. CIC’s digital services are often the focus of its ads, which highlight the difference between itself and what it portrays as old-school bankers who fail to understand the needs of modern consumers. The brand has invested in digital advertising, particularly YouTube and Facebook. It works with prominent YouTube personalities such as Norman, Cyprien, Stéphane de Groodt and Gonzague to develop humorous online mini-series to appeal to teens and consumers in their 20s. Its online content has been a huge hit, with some videos achieving 220,000 views in just three days on YouTube. Credit Mutuel recently increased its stake in CIC and is the controlling shareholder.