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Cigarettes celebrate growth into adulthood

GG Mild 


Company: Gudang Garam Tbk PT 

Brand value: US$243 million

Headquarter city: Kediri 

Year on Year Change: 7%

Industry: Tobacco 

Year formed: 2013 



The GG Mild brand was launched four years ago by Gudang Garam, the country’s tobacco giant. Its mild taste and mid-range price point appeal to young, adventurous adult smokers, with the tagline “Break the Limit”. The brand particularly appeals to young men. The company’s latest communications campaign features three young people with separate passions for art, travel and music. The company’s mentholated product, GG Mild Shiver, uses the tagline “Unlimited Coolness” and its TV ad features young, sophisticated night clubbers. The brand is an active sponsor of live music events, as well as the project “Generation G: The Interns”, aimed at discovering talented young people in the 18–24 age range. The brand also sponsored the movie Galih dan Ratna, the story of two teens and their transition to adulthood. While tobacco-product advertising is tightly restricted in Indonesia, and a complete ban is under consideration, TV ads are still permitted during certain time slots, and marketing budgets are large. Gudang Garam has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1990. The company’s founders, the Wonowidjojo family, remain the majority shareholders.