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Company: Groupe PSA

Brand Value: US$ 707 million

Change since 2018: 21%

Headquarter City: Rueil Malmaison

Category: Cars

Year Formed: 1919

Citroën has grown from being one of France’s biggest carmakers into a global brand, available in 90 countries. Its cars can even be ordered online in several markets: France, the UK and Brazil for now, with a broader rollout expected in future. Citroën’s brand promise is “Inspired by you”, and development tends to focus on technology and creativity that improves the motoring experience both for drivers and passengers. New model launches in 2018 include the third-generation Berlingo, Citroën’s small multi-purpose vehicle, following the launch last year of a new C5 Aircross and a new C4 Cactus compact hatchback. The growing Chinese market is especially important to Citroën, and the brand’s product strategy is designed with this in mind. Citroën innovations include the Rent&Smile and Earn&Drive mobility services, along with the recently launched SEETROËN eye glasses, which the company promotes as a remedy for motion sickness.