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Company Profile - AGL

Parent Company: AGL Energy Limited

Brand Value: $2,188 Mil.

Headquarter City:  North Sydney, New South Wales

Industry: Energy

Year Formed: 1837 (Australian Gas Light Company), 2006 (AGL Energy)

In 1841, the first gas lamps in Sydney were lit by the Australian Gas Light Company.  The company shortly listed thereafter as just the second company on the Australian stock exchange, and over the next 16 years gas lamps were introduced to department stores and then private residences. After consistent growth, today, AGL is literally the country’s brand powerhouse as the largest electricity generator in Australia supplying power through a diversified mix of gas, electricity, solar PV, hydro, wind, biomass and landfill gas to more than 3.6 million customer accounts (app. 40GW). AGL’s environmental and sustainability strategies to responsibly reduce greenhouse gas emissions include eliminating its coal-fired power by 2050 and in 2016 formed the Powering Australia Renewables fund pledging to invest $2-3 billion more in large-scale renewable energy generation that will account for 10% of the country’s renewable capacity. In 2017, AGL achieved its best financial performance in its long 180+ year history with its highest revenues ($12.6 billion), income ($802 million), EPS ($80.50), and dividends ($.91/share) return to its investors.