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Company Profile - Bundaberg

Parent Company: Diageo PLC

Brand Value: $340 Mil.

Headquarter City: Bundaberg, Queensland

Industry: Alcohol

Year Formed: 1888

Bundaberg Rum, affectionately known as “Bundy”, effectively started as a product from the waste molasses from sugar production. Because it was too costly to transport or convert to animal feed, the local sugar mills convened to form the Bundaberg Distilling Company. After an early history plagued by shutdowns resulting from production facility fires, Bundaberg Rum has been in continuous production since 1939. In 1961, the company selected a polar bear as its mascot, strange for a southern hemisphere company, but it was chosen to tell the story that Bundaberg Rum keeps you warm and wards off the chills. Initially, Bundaberg Rum began as a favorite of older male consumers. However, with product line expansions, new flavors winning domestic and international awards, and more sociable advertising, the brand has emerged as a iconic spirit attracting younger consumers.