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Company Profile - IINet

Parent Company: TPG Telecom Limited

Brand Value: $581 Mil.

Headquarter City: Perth

Industry: Telecom Providers

Year Formed: 1993

iiNet was founded in 1993 in a garage in Perth and was one of Australia’s first ISP to offer TCP/IP and PPP access and was the first Linux-based operations. By 1996, iiNet expanded to Adelaide and in the early 2000’s was expanding nationally through key acquisitions and organic growth and became a national key competitor. Today, iiNet offers broadband, mobile phone service, television service and continually wins prestigious awards for quality and friendly customer service. iiNet’s playful side has generated big waves of social media activity with silly and creative ideas like it’s April fool’s launch of Pet-Fi broadband access on pet collars, or its fun imagery and advertising which has made iiNet one of our BrandZ top 40 companies.