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Company Profile - TPG Telecom

Parent Company: TPG Telecom Limited

Brand Value: $534 Mil.

Headquarter City: North Ryde, NSW

Industry: Telecom Providers

Year Formed: 1986 (as Total Peripherals Group)

TPG formed from the merger of Total Peripherals Group and SP Telemedia (formed in 2008) and provides Internet access, networking OEM services, mobile phone service and accounting software. Before the merger, Total Peripherals had grown through key acquisitions of companies in different markets in Adelaide, Sydney and following the merger, changed its name to TPG.  TPG has continued to make critical acquisitions resulting in TPG emerging as Australia’s second largest ISP with a customer base of 671,000 broadband, 358,000 landline, and 360,000 mobile subscribers that also includes BrandZ top 40’s iiNet. In 2017, TPG generated about AU$2.5 billion and nearly $900 million in EBITDA, improved margins overall and growth driven by its consumer Data/Internet businesses.