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Company Profile - Victoria Bitter

Parent Company: Anheuser-Busch InBev Sa/NV

Brand Value: $545 Mil.

Headquarter City:  Melbourne

Industry: Alcohol

Year Formed: 1854

Victoria Bitter (VB) lager was first brewed by head brewer Vincent Burkitt (aka VB) in the Victoria Brewery in 1854. In the 1960’s, the brand gained popularity stemming from its TV ad campaign drawing references from the hit film, “The Magnificent Seven” which featured imagery of working class Australians with voice-over by the famous Australian actor, John Meillon. Targeting a broad range of Australian hard-working consumers, the tagline “for a hard earned thirst” is well known and has broad appeal. Today, brewed by Carlton & United Breweries under the ownership of AB InBev, it is one of the highest selling beers in Australia. With its recognizable short neck stubby bottle, it is a favorite amongst hard working Australians. Its recent ad campaign traces its roots, and showcases a nostalgic look at this iconic brand over the many years of advertising.