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Consumers are shifting their media behavior – Have you shifted yours?

Chaiyren Olivia Herman

Senior Research Manager

Kantar, Insights Division


Consumers are shifting their media behavior – Have you shifted yours?

Over 100 million Indonesians are now online, a huge leap over the past few years, thanks to access to mobile internet connections and cheaper mobile phones. Online consumers are spending more and more time on their phones, and are also spending more money than non-online consumers, meaning they are a valuable source of growth potential for brands.

It is, therefore, imperative that brands move from TV-centric campaigns to an ecosystem of touchpoints. Indonesians are open to multimedia communications, especially when the content is integrated and customized. When done right, multimedia campaigns can result in an average brand perception uplift of 1.9 percent.

Digital is one of the touchpoints through which brands can not only communicate a message but also be part of consumers’ lives. Leading brands in the “growing-up milk” category for toddlers show how this can be done well, providing information, parenting guidance and free consultations through their websites and social media. They focus on alleviating mothers’ pain points – worry about their children and concern that their peers will make negative judgments – and in doing so create a sense of trust in their brands that lays the foundation for a path to future growth.