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Content ‘grazing’ with Tiktok

Content ‘grazing’ with Tiktok

Peter Petermann
Chief Strategy Officer



What do Mercedes-Benz, the German Army and PETA animal rights have in common? They all have a Tiktok account, allowing them to communicate with their audience via ultra-short videos. That's right: Tiktok is no longer just a channel for teenage girls dancing to pop tunes. It has become a proper marketing platform – and it is expanding rapidly to become "The Instagram for GenZ".

More and more brands are discovering opportunities to engage with their audiences on Tiktok, be it through brand takeovers, in-feed native videos or, better yet, through custom #Challenges or branded lenses or effects.

For marketers already using Tiktok, the rationale behind this is clear: studies show that 80 percent of a video's ROI is delivered within the first two seconds – perhaps not enough time to tell an elaborate story, but enough to connect with an audience that is grazing for short, snackable content.