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Dynamic content helps future  proof consumer relationships 

By Abby Wong
Director, Connection Planning
Ogilvy & Mather China

With our data and tech capabilities advancing so rapidly, we’d expect to have little problem getting in front of the right consumers at the right time. However, studies point out that as people multi-task with multi-screens, their average attention span drops to only eight seconds, not much better than a goldfish. Consequently, content platforms have improved, delivering information in shorter, crisper bites. They offer skippable ads, short news updates, and infotainment with 24-hour shelf life, all designed to deliver a much better experience and higher response rate.
But are we fully connecting with our consumers? Even if data and tech enable us to reach the right audience at the right time, brands still need the right content to extend the relationship beyond those eight seconds. Creating the right content is challenging. The world is getting noisier. In this competitive environment, while a clear business objective is the foundation of any winning strategy, the ability to understand the consumer’s fragmented attention span, and be dynamic yet consistent in responding, requires content that is both dynamic and consistent.
So where do we start? Like many human one-to-one or one-to-many conversations, content needs to be carefully curated. How best do we connect brand and consumers? That depends on the current relationship between them. Do we need to establish an emotional connection for a new relationship or provide a solution for an existing relationship? Once we know where to start, we can assess whether it is best to create content ourselves or co-create it with brand partners that have a stronger relationship with the right consumers.
Content is not a one-time event. Sustaining relationships with consumers requires a smart always-on content. Like any human relationship, the art of a health long-term relationship lies in (1) progressive understanding of interests and needs; and (2) finding the right balance between distance and intimacy.
Social and e-commerce giants are relentless in perfecting ecosystems that aid brands in tracking and predicting consumer behavior. Combining these ecosystems with brand owned data and insight, we can better identify, connect, and remember our consumers at an individual level. Creating the right dynamic content to maintain a healthy long-term relationship is a challenging but vital exercise in making a brand as future proof as possible.