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Parent Company: Coolblue N.V.

Brand Value: US$894 Mil.

Headquarter City: Rotterdam

Category: Retail

Year formed: 1999

This is the success story of Coolblue: What started in 1999 as a company established by three friends selling MP3 players, has transformed into an e-commerce giant that specializes in consumer electronics and white goods, and employs more than 3000 people. The goal of Coolblue is as simple as it is effective: Anything for a smile. The key to the success of Coolblue all leads back to their special corporate culture which is based on four core values: headstrong, friends, flexibility, and a go-for-it mentality. A good example of putting these values in action is the trendsetting CoolblueDelivers white good service that was first introduced in 2018. This service provides customers with optional delivery time slots, so they do not have to wait at home all day for their order to be delivered – but instead can choose whenever suits them best. Upon arrival, Coolblue’s delivery Employees lift heavy white goods (up to the 4th floor), install these appliances, and make sure they work correctly. In this coming year, Coolblue will cross the border into Germany, where it will take on major market competitors like Amazon.


Responsibility index: 106