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Credit Agricole

Crédit Agricole

Company: Crédit Agricole Group

Brand Value: US$ 2,352 million

Change since 2018: 5%

Headquarter City: Montrogue

Category: Banks

Year Formed: 1894

Crédit Agricole is France’s oldest bank and, due to its support for the agricultural sector, became known as “The Green Bank”. It provides consumer and business banking and insurance, and in late 2017 launched a 100 percent mobile-based banking service, called Eko. In its advertising, Credit Agricole promises: “Credit Agricole, toute une banque pour vous” (Credit Agricole, a whole bank for you). The past year has been a strong one for Credit Agricole, posting an 8.9 percent rise in net profit, and making significant expansion moves across Europe. The group has taken a minority stake in the Italian bank Creval, and will partner on the distribution of savings and pension products. Credit Agricole has also bought three regional savings banks in northern Italy. And in May this year, Credit Agricole Consumer Finance announced a partnership with Spanish bank Bankia.