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Company: Decathlon

Brand value: US$1,860 million

Headquarter city: Villeneuve-d'Ascq

Category: Retail

Year formed: 1976

Decathlon is a retailer whose mission is to make sports accessible to everyone by offering quality equipment at low prices. Its stores offer a range of international brands as well as its own brands – including Kalenji, Tribord and B’Twin – which present innovative designs developed in-house. Over 40 years in business, Decathlon has grown to have a presence in around 30 countries; its 301 stores in France account for one-third of total sales, and there are 1,176 stores worldwide. New markets in 2016 for Decathlon included Mexico, Côte d'Ivoire, Slovenia, Malaysia and Singapore, and the first Australian stores have opened in 2017. Recently launched new store formats in France include Decathlon Essentiel, developed with a smaller footprint for urban locations, and the even smaller Decathlon City stores, which emphasize urban fitness and mobility. Decathlon also sells online, and is increasingly linking the online and offline shopping experience, equipping its in-store sales teams with tablets to help shoppers buy beyond the range available at a given store. In its communications, Decathlon’s tagline is “Fully fit”, and a recent campaign hung on the idea that “You can’t imagine what’s hidden behind a low price”. Decathlon is privately owned by the Mulliez and Leclercq families, and employees are shareholders.