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Defending brands against fake news

Nicola Dambrosio

Client Executive, Brand & Communication Practice

Kantar Millward Brown


From the agora of Ancient Greece, where public information was shared in the course of human interaction, we have moved to a world in which the agora is represented by the online world, in particular by social media. In this context, people and brands are less protected from a wider phenomenon: fake news. Everyone can write or share an article or comment, true or false, regarding a product or a brand. This can spread quickly both online and offline, without regard for whether or not it's true.

Creating emotional connections and brand trust is therefore vital in order to protect brands from fake news that might undermine brand reputation and, ultimately, people's buying habits. Driving affinity towards a brand is one of the key elements of building brand trust. To do so, a brand has to build a 360-degree brand experience, delivering not only functional or sensorial satisfaction, but also a strong brand image around values and associations that are close to consumers. Building a meaningfully different brand using the leverage of affinity is a great defence against fake news.