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Company: Roofoods Ltd

Brand value: US$1,371 million

Change since 2018: 54%

Headquarter city: London

Category: Online Food Delivery

Year formed: ‎2013

Deliveroo is a food delivery service which partners with over 8,000 UK restaurants, in over 100 towns and cities, serving more than 80 cuisine types. Its services and drive for innovation chime with the needs of a new generation of digital city-dwellers, fuelling the brand’s growth into 12 markets worldwide. The most recent launch was in Singapore, where Deliveroo has opened a physical food market, which has 10 kitchens on site, as well as digital payment kiosks and lockers for collecting orders. In the UK, the brand is running World of Food pop-up events offering live music and free food in five major cities, and has linked with Game of Thrones on a competition in which Deliveroo customers search for  a “golden egg” hidden in their food order, which qualifies them for £5,000 of Deliveroo credit. The brand’s “Food Freedom” campaign, launched in early 2019, celebrates food happiness in all its forms and positions Deliveroo as the go-to choice for hungry Brits. A recent funding round to finance the next stage of Deliveroo’s expansion has been led by Amazon.