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Company: Roofoods Ltd

Brand value: US$1,915 million

Change since 2019: 40%

Headquarter city: London

Category: Online Food Delivery

Year formed: ‎2013

Short paragraph:


Deliveroo is a food delivery service which partners with 80,000 UK restaurants, in over 100 towns and cities, serving more than 80 cuisine types. Its services and drive for innovation chime with the needs of a new generation of digital city-dwellers, fuelling the brand’s growth into 12 markets worldwide. The COVID-19 outbreak led to a sudden drop in demand for meals, and many of the restaurant and fast-food partners Deliveroo works with were forced to close. Several grocery retailers and convenience stores turned to Deliveroo for help fulfilling orders, as they faced a surge in demand that they were struggling to meet.

The brand raised over £1.5 million during the pandemic to fund free meals for NHS workers, thanks to support from customers and corporate partners. NHS staff could claim vouchers to pay for meals to be delivered either to hospitals or their homes. As restrictions eased and its food partners gradually reopened, Deliveroo ran a campaign celebrating the return of customers’ favourite meals.