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Designing content for an audience of squirrels

Designing content for an audience of squirrels

Kerstin Wriedt

Managing Director, Consumer Brand Solution

BCW Deutschland


Think of the attention span of a squirrel. This is the window of attention a brand has to make an impression with a moving image sequence and a headline: eight seconds, studies say. Complex elements are becoming obsolete. 

This not only applies to smartphone users, but also to stakeholders in the political environment and to journalists. Agenda management therefore clearly needs more than just press releases. 

Where tactical outdoor advertising in front of publishing houses used to help to achieve greater visibility, digital media now plays a more decisive role. 

To anchor a message in the population, all channels and stakeholder audiences must pull together. A successful content strategy is earned at the core; social by design and based on solid insight. It interlocks digital and offline media and combines paid and earned.

When key themes are played together, brands have the chance to make their message heard.