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Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

Company: Deutsche Bank AG

Brand value: US$2,512 million

Change since 2019: -16%

Headquarter city: Frankfurt am Main

Category: Banks

Year formed: 1870

Deutsche Bank is a German global banking and financial services company with pride in its European heritage but also a global outlook.  Its mission is to “enable economic growth and societal progress”, and to be a strong, safe bank that is well-positioned to pursue growth opportunities. In recent months, the business has set in train large-scale restructuring to move away from equity sales and trading, cut costs, and focus on investing in new technologies with the potential to strengthen profits and appeal to new target groups. One aspect of cutting costs will be reducing staff to around 75,000 employees by 2022, down from a peak of about 100,000. By featuring young, successful but down-to-earth athletes such as Theresa and Amelie Stoll in its advertising, Deutsche Bank positions itself as a dynamic provider which enables its clients to seize opportunities (“Zugreifen”).