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Did something just happen?

Thomas Sutton

Country Director, Indonesia



Did something just happen?

When is an experience valuable to a brand, or just a thing that happened?

Experience is extremely valuable when it helps to deliver a clear strategy. So, we need focus on what takeout people should leave with; this is the lifestyle I want, this brand “gets” me, this brand genuinely cares about what it does, and so on. In order to do that, we have to ask if the experience is in service to the brand or just in service to the experience itself. And, whether any strategy is being fulfilled.

As branded experiences become more ubiquitous, consumers’ demands are rising, as are their levels of critique – it is harder to stand out and easier for consumers to reach a point of, “experience ambivalence”, where any brand that doesn’t get it right risks wasting money or even creating negative perceptions.

When a brand manages to do it well, people leave having learnt something about the brand – from an intangible perception of what the brand stands for, to the tangible capabilities that make you think or feel a particular way.