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DIGITAL Mobile: Mobile screens dominate, and video viewing rises

Trends touch a broad segment of the population


Indians are more engaged on mobile devices than on any other screen, spending about four hours per day on their mobile devices, 37 percent higher than their engagement with TV, according to Kantar IMRB.


The time spent watching entertainment on smartphones jumped 23 percent just in the nine months ending in March 2017. Average mobile data consumption is expected to increase fivefold by 2021. And video is evolving as a medium for expression as well as consumption.


Several factors drive these developments, including: a rise in entertainment options, with more access to OTT services; the availability of 4G; and a sharp decline in the cost of data use. The changes in mobile video consumption touch a broad segment of India’s population:


  •  Viewing is primarily, but not exclusively, a habit of India’s wealthy middle class;


  • Over 40 percent of viewers come from less wealthy households;


  • 65 percent of viewers come from non-metro areas;


  • Over half of viewers are over age 25; and


  •  Women are more likely than men to be avid viewers.


Indian consumers spend an average of three hours per week viewing video on their mobile devices, with 90 percent of the time devoted to Facebook or YouTube. They primarily view music and entertainment, but education and news are the fastest-growing categories. Educational content for preschool is expanding especially fast. Over 20 million Indians are considered avid video consumers, as they spend over 22 hours per month viewing video apps.