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DISH Network

DISH Network

Company: Dish Network Corp.

Brand Value: $12,117 Million

Headquarters: Meridian, CO

Category: Telecom providers

Year formed: 1981

DISH Network provides satellite TV, music, and Internet service to a United States-only audience. Founded as EchoStar in 1981, it was spun off as a separate company in 1996 and currently serves roughly 13.7 million television and 580,000 broadband subscribers. It also offers Sling TV, an inexpensive OTT service aimed at millennials, but is increasingly being adopted by the brand’s entire customer base. DISH Network positions itself as “Tuned into You,” offering highly flexible subscription options for all of its services. Its current “Spokelistener” campaign reinforces that positioning with a character who solves customers’ humorously complex challenges with simple solutions. In recent years, Sling TV has been growing its customer-base, while the brand’s satellite subscribership has been in decline. At $15 billion in 2016, DISH revenue was essentially flat over the previous year. In Q1 2017, it saw a 3.9 percent drop.