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Disruption | Centennials at 21

Disruption | Kantar report examins Centennials and brand growth opportunities

The oldest members of the Generation Z, which began in 1997, recently turned 21. Different in many ways from Generation Y, the Millennials that preceded them, Kantar calls these Centennials “the next wave of influencers, disruptors, and consumers.” A recent Kantar report, called Centennials at 21, explains how Centennials are different and what the impact of that difference is likely to be for brands.

Centennials are concentrated in the dynamic markets of Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. They are mobile natives. Being children during the global economic crisis of 2008-to-2009, their earliest memories were shaped during a period of slow growth, disruption, resource scarcity, and connectivity. This background formed a view of the world that is vigilant, resourceful, and open.

It is useful for brands to understand that in many ways Centennials are like Millennials—but more so. They look for new experiences, like brands that stand for something, and they get most of their news and entertainment online. The best place to reach Centennials is on a mobile device, but communications must offer some value because this generation is pragmatic. Almost two-thirds say they have an ad blocker on their phone.

Centennials are more likely to use social media than other generations, but they are concerned about privacy. Social shopping is an important aspect of shopping, especially in China. As the social shopping trend expands in other regions, brands have an opportunity to create a seamless social shopping journey. China, and the other markets with the largest populations of Centennials, are the places for brands to find the latest trends in many categories, including personal care, fashion, and technology.

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