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Disruption Insight | Media


Jane Ostler

Global Head of Media, Insights Division





Reaching young

requires multiple

media formats


The polarization of approaches brings new challenges for brand marketing and marketing effectiveness. Where ad receptivity is low among younger audiences, brand marketers are using opposing approaches simultaneously: both short and long form content; a combination of broadcast and hyper-targeted ads; live customized experiences and AI-driven communications. This brings a massive challenge: stretched media budgets need to cover traditional and new channels, the production of customized creative for each platform, when an individual can experience a single brand in both a “mass” and “bespoke” way, from one minute to the next. Somehow this all needs to be brought together, and to be recognizably from the same brand. This makes good business sense; we know from our AdReaction Research that campaigns that are both integrated and customized are 57 percent more effective in building brands. I’d argue that we are moving from “or” to “and.” It’s not a fight. It’s diplomacy, led by intelligence and understanding.