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Sabrina Bailey-Navalón

Marketing Director




Longevity will

require scale

and media mix


Disruptive brands have one thing in common: they feed their strategy based on the current and sometimes foreseen or predicted needs of the consumer and/or customers while creating demand for their products and services. They are able to shape our paradigms and in some cases, change culture and transform the way we or society do things. In recent years, we’ve seen the incredible growth and success of these types of companies, such as Uber, Amazon, Airbnb, Netflix, and Alibaba. These disruptive players challenge current industry business and even society models by leveraging a combination of human ingenuity, innovation, and technology.

However, not all disruptive brands are successful and long-lasting. Those that will survive are the ones that will know how to scale at speed, reach their audiences across an integrated mix of media channels while being nimble and constantly adapting to market conditions.