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Disruptive creativity accelerates brand growth

Stephanie Leix
Client Director – Head of Creative & Media
Kantar Insights

‘Disruptive creativity’ accelerates brand growth

We know that the best recipe for a brand’s financial growth is to have a point of difference that is highly meaningful and salient. Disruption can nourish this sense of difference, and communication is one of the ways in which a brand can be disruptive.

When you look globally at the change in brand value over a 13-year period for brands that people describe as “shaking things up” and as having a creative personality, there’s growth of 154 percent. For brands that are creatively disruptive AND that are perceived to have good advertising (brands can be creative in other ways and have poor advertising), that growth rate increases.

When we are disrupting creatively, we need to make sure that we balance that disruption with consistency. Brands must stay true to their DNA – otherwise the brand’s associations could become fragmented and consumers confused.

And while being creatively disruptive might be perceived as a risk, it doesn’t need to be.  Pre-testing your content can turn that risk into a calculated risk.