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Does your brand have momentum?

Pranay Shah Singh

Head of Strategy

MEC Indonesia




“Always on”, that’s the mantra of today’s marketing, fuelled by the realization that consumers are accessing information 24/7. Not only that, consumers are receiving signals, messages and action-prompts in a continual cycle, rather than taking a journey that starts and stops.


In this loop of activity, it is critical for brands to be agile and constantly serving experiences to customers on the consumer journey, through relevant touchpoints.  That’s one of the cornerstones of MEC Momentum, a proprietary approach to understanding and quantifying how consumers make purchase decisions, so that brands can be present at the right touchpoints throughout the journey.


Today, and in the future, it is not so much about what you say as a brand but rather about what you do (and how you connect) that defines your success. Even when customers are not consciously thinking about shopping or buying now, brands must create subtle experiences that build passive bias for brands, and associate triggers to actively influence them towards a purchase.


In Indonesia, the mobile phone is enabling the new wave of experience-planning across the consumer journey. Increasingly, brands are trying to leverage the power of mobile in creating brand bias, and triggering influence at relevant moments. But, to gain momentum, marketers need to be ahead of the curve in manifesting these experiences; currently, consumers seem to be leading the way, and brands are left to follow.  


It is critical today in Indonesia to understand the customer journey, adapt to the most relevant touchpoints, and deliver ahead-of-the-curve customer experiences. It is imperative to always have a positive response to the question: Does Your Brand Have Momentum?