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Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza

Company: Domino’s Pizza Inc.

Brand Value: $7,120 Million

Headquarters: Ann Arbor, MI

Category: Fast food

Year formed: 1960

Domino’s is a pizza delivery chain that has long been known for delivering its products in under 30 minutes. It primarily targets young adults, college students, millennials, as well as a “boomerang” demographic that previously bought the brand, but abandoned it due to changing public tastes. Domino’s prides itself on openness and transparency. It recently underwent a renaissance after changing its pizza recipe in 2009 and making strong early investments in digital technology. Today, it is among the most digitally enabled fast food brands, allowing customers to order via Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and even by tweeting a pizza emoji. It also has mobile payments and loyalty rewards, and is partnering with Samsung to allow direct ordering using Internet-connected TVs. Domino’s currently has over 13,000 stores, 1,281 of which opened in the four quarters that ended in Q2 2017.