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Don’t let the dreams die

Don’t let the dreams die

Sandeep Dutta

Vice President

Kantar, Insights Division


There is no doubt that pandemic has had a cataclysmic effect on our society. There is hardly anyone who has not been impacted by it. Gen Z is no exception, though in many ways COVID-19’s impact has been deeper on them as many were on the verge of stepping onto their career path. Until recently, this generation was heavily influenced by Millennials, and looked forward to a life that was all about exploring, experimenting, and following their entrepreneurial spirit. However, sensing the fragility and uncertainty of the world that they have inherited, they are no longer sure if they want to take that path. Perhaps it would be safer to emulate their parents’ trajectory of convention and stability? Gen Z kids are confused and vulnerable – but all they need is a bit of encouragement not to give up their dreams. Brands could be the cheerleader that India’s youth so desperately needs!