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Company: Unilever PLC

Brand value: US$ 5,964 million

Headquarter city: London

Industry: Personal Care

Year formed: 1957


Dove is a personal care brand that stands out in its category for using its communications to challenge the way the world thinks about beauty and improve the way women feel about themselves. The range began with the launch of the Dove beauty bar in 1957 and has since grown into a broad range sold around the world, spanning washing and bathing, cleansers and moisturisers, haircare, deodorants and a selection of products developed for men. In 2017, Baby Dove was launched for the youngest of consumers. According to Dove, their brand is used by more than 10 million women in the UK each week and is the one of Unilever’s biggest brands in the UK. Dove for many years focused on its moisturising formulation in its advertising, but since 2004 its “Real Beauty” campaign has focused on celebrating the beauty of real women of a range of ethnic backgrounds, ages and body shapes. Several of its online videos have become viral hits, not just raising the profile of Dove but also the need for discussion about self-esteem among girls and women, and the pressure they feel to measure up. The recent “You are more beautiful than you think” campaign used artists’ sketches to show women how strangers viewed them so differently to the way they saw themselves. Advertising this year has also focused on a brand refresh and new formula for Dove deodorants. Unilever is listed on the London Stock Exchange.