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Company: Akzo Nobel NV

Brand value: US$1,466 million

Change since 2018: -1%

Headquarter city: Slough        

Industry: Paints

Year formed: 1931 

Dulux is a paint brand that has a long history of innovation in the sector. It has pioneered many aspects of paint technology, and urges householders to use colour to bring joy to their lives. Dulux’s colour of the year for 2019 is Spiced Honey, a warm amber tone developed in collaboration with new Dulux celebrity ambassador Fearne Cotton, a wellness author and TV presenter. In late 2018, Dulux launched a scheme to recycle the 50 million litres of unused paint it believes are lying unused in UK homes. The Community RePaint scheme urges householders to give their paint to projects that can help transform other people’s homes and community buildings. Around 5 million people have benefited from the scheme so far. Dulux joined in a fun social media debate this year, when Innocent launched a drink “Bolt from the Blue”, which sparked a flurry of online comments that the product was actually green. Dulux chimed in with, “Looks like Crushed Pine 3”, a green shade. Innocent responded “Don't you start, Dulux. It's Blue 1 and you know it.”