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Company: Dyson Ltd

Brand value: US$2,336 million

Headquarter city: Malmesbury

Industry: Home Appliances

Year formed: 1993


The brand that takes the name of its founder, James Dyson, is a British technology company best known for its bag-free vacuum cleaners, but also for its design and manufacture of fans, heaters, lighting, hand dryers and tools. It produced the first bag-less vacuum cleaner, and positions itself as a design and engineering pioneer, rethinking assumptions about product categories. It recently moved into the beauty sector with the launch of its Supersonic hairdryer. The brand sells through electronics retailers and department stores as well as online, both in the UK and internationally, and last year opened its first ever “Dyson Demo” store, on London’s Oxford Street. The store also features a Dyson Supersonic salon where customers can book in for a hair-styling demonstration. Products are priced at a premium to much of the competition, but Dyson is known for guaranteeing access to expert advice and hassle-free help in the event of a problem. James Dyson is something of a celebrity himself, but the brand has recently announced celebrity hair stylists as ambassadors for the Dyson hairdryer; these include Valonz salon founder Renya Xydis, Jen Atkin (hairdresser to the Kardashians), and Japanese stylist and makeup artist Katsuya Kamo.


The company is privately owned by James Dyson Ltd. In early 2017, Dyson opened a high-tech research campus in Wiltshire to focus on robotics, battery cells, machine learning and artificial intelligence. And in September, the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology launched a degree programme through the University of Warwick to teach the next generation of engineering enthusiasts.