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Company: Edeka Zentrale AG & Co

Brand value: US$2,534 million

Change since 2018: 8%

Headquarter city: Hamburg

Category: Retail

Year formed: 1898

Edeka is Germany’s leading grocery retail group, with around 11,400 stores across a range of store formats and sub-brands. Stores are being modernized, as Edeka works to improve the shopping experience as well as offer products, formats and locations that suit consumers’ needs. Edeka offers a wide range of private label products, ranging from the economical Gut und Günstig lines, to higher-priced international specialty foods. The private label ranges are highly popular and Edeka has announced plans to further extend its portfolio. In 2018, Edeka removed more than 200 Nestlé products from their shelves because they could not reach an agreement on wholesale prices. The business has more than 17,000 trainees, making it Germany’s biggest trainer of staff. Edeka tends to bring humor to its advertising, often to promote its support for the WWF and other social causes, such as tackling racism. Most Edeka advertising uses the tagline Wir lieben Lebensmittel (We just  food).