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Company: Electricite de France SA

Brand value: US$1,620 million

Headquarter city: Paris

Industry: Energy

Year formed: 1946

EDF for many years had a monopoly on the supply of electricity to French households and companies, though now operates in a competitive market in which many rival brands buy their electricity from EDF to sell on.  The communications tagline of the brand is “Notre avenir est électrique. Et il est déjà là”, or “Our future is electric and it is already here”, and EDF has set out a strategy to become a champion of low-carbon electricity production. Under its CAP 2030 vision, EDF says it plans to double its production of energy from sustainable or renewable sources by the year 2030, as well as more closely engage with its customers and triple the share of business it does internationally. In 2017, EDF took over part of nuclear electricity player Areva NP. EDF is part-owned by the French government, with remaining EDF shares listed on the Paris Exchange.