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Company: EDF Group

Brand Value: US$ 2,162 million

Change since 2018: 33%

Headquarter City: Paris

Category: Utilities

Year Formed: 1946

EDF has long been a supplier of electricity to French households. As the energy marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, EDF has sought to mark itself out as a leader in renewables and a company that cares for the environment. Its communications tagline is “L’energie est notre avenir, economisons la” (Energy is our future, save it). EDF has made significant investments in solar energy production and this year has announced its intention to become a leader in Europe in the storage of electricity, in anticipation of a rise in the use of electric cars. It sees battery storage as complementary to renewables, as it compensates for the intermittent production of wind turbines and solar cells. EDF is also using the technology to provide solar micro-kits to remote consumers in parts of Africa. EDF Group has taken a stake in McPhy, a hydrogen production and storage specialist, marking its first step into the hydrogen market. EDF is also seeking ideas for the future of energy and is investing €40 million in 10 start-ups over two years.