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Enjoying the best of food

Pascale Grelot-Girard
Director, Market Intelligence Expertise

Enjoying the best of food

While pleasure rules, the French are increasingly looking for transparency and more ethical food 

For 63 percent of French people, food is still, above all else, associated with pleasure (+4 points compared with 2012, among the highest scores in Europe) rather than considered a mere necessity (30 percent).

The age of “real” food: nine out of 10 French people express a need for transparency with regard to the agri-food industry. Like consumers in most European countries, they are concerned about the ingredients that compose their food (56 percent), and also, above all, about food origins (61 percent). Farming and breeding conditions (42 percent) are also a concern. There is also a strong increase in the proportion of French people who say they often look at the nutritional composition of products (62 percent, +7 points compared with 2016).

The quest for meaning: compared to their global counterparts, French consumers are now investing their food consumption with more and more meaning. For example, more of them buy food produced a short distance from where they live, and more are reducing meat consumption and are choosing food products that are more respectful of animal welfare and the environment. In addition, they are more sensitive to fair remuneration for farmers and breeders, with 78 percent of French consumers saying they are willing to pay a little more to make this work more valuable.

This information is taken from “Food 360 2018”, a global Kantar Division Insights study.