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Essential discourse on diversity

Essential discourse on diversity

Roland Bös


Scholz & Friends


The advertising industry is widely considered to be quite open-minded, so one might be a little surprised to discover how superficial its interest in diversity management has been to date. In 2018, the trade journal Horizont reported that essentially zero progress had been made at Germany’s agencies over the past 10 years on diversity and gender equality.

In our own small way, we are seeking to counter that, ensuring that diversity is an important part of our agency’s collective consciousness, as well as part of our clients’ plans.

Our creative work “The Tampon Book”, which took up the topic of tax discrimination of menstrual hygiene products, generated considerable attention at awards shows and beyond: as I wrote this piece, the Bundestag and Bundesrat were discussing amendments to these controversial tax rates.

In recognition of this commitment, we were named Best Employer Agency Brand 2019. In these times of great controversy over what is socially acceptable or not in the creative industries, we are proud to provide tangible support for greater diversity.