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Every brand needs a health plan, Health first in the new normal

Every brand needs a health plan: Health first in the new normal

Sunandini Pande Ray

Associate Vice President



Rhea Chaki

Senior Research Manager



COVID-19 has brought health and hygiene center stage for Indian consumers. As indicators, there are new markers to visibly demonstrate hygiene protocols: masks, hand sanitizers, thermal scanners, and temperature-check stations, to name a few. As rituals, the adoption of new hygiene practices both in and out of the home – such as regular and extensive handwashing, that has become an inbuilt habit, and disinfection and sanitization of anything coming into the home. Rituals around building immunity and holistic health such as adoption of home remedies have also gained ground. As practices, even for categories where health and hygiene had low priority traditionally, now there are mainstream procedures such as contactless/no touch deliveries, sanitization stations and drills in store, and disposable gloves and masks used by retail staff. As consumers battle an “invisible” virus, there is an opportunity for brands to build new roles and rituals around physical/external indicators that meets this new basket of needs. The goal is to address a range of individual, social and community health concerns, including emphasizing the responsible face of the brand – and thus, as a result, offer the ultimate benefit of mental or internal reassurance to the consumer.