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Company: Groupe Danone

Brand value: US$1,589 million

Headquarter city: Paris

Industry: Soft drinks

Year formed: 1826

Evian is a brand of mineral water sourced from the Alps, near the town of Evian that gives the product its name. Now a global brand, Evian has had a long association with purity and health, dating back to its early days when the water was prescribed by local doctors for its apparent curative properties. While the product itself has not changed, the brand innovates with new bottle formats and with its popular advertising, which since 2009 has used the “Live Young” tagline. Advertising tends to feature babies doing adult activities to provide a humorous look at the way adults can feel young again. The most recent campaign of this type, showing babies wearing oversized clothes, includes a baby version of tennis star Marina Sharapova in adult-sized sports gear. The campaign has been a hit on social media, particularly Snapchat. Linked to this campaign, the designer Rad developed a range of oversized clothing in which people can again feel like a baby. And during the Wimbledon 2017 tennis tournament, which Evian sponsors, digital content unlocked through a code on Evian bottles challenged consumers to rediscover their youthful spirit. Evian has also worked with Kusmi Tea on limited-edition bottles of Evian-infused flavored teas. Evian is part of Groupe Danone, which is listed on the NYSE, Euronext Paris and on the Swiss Stock Exchange.