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Company: Danone Group

Brand Value: US$ 1,672 million

Change since 2018: 5%

Headquarter City: Evian-les-Bains

Category: Soft Drinks

Year Formed: 1826

Evian mineral water, sourced from the Alps near the town of Evian, has become a global brand long associated with purity and health. New products in the Evian range include Evian-infused Kusmi Tea, which comes in several flavors, along with limited-edition packaging with a Disney theme, and a Paris collection. Another Evian line was devised by the blogger-influencer Chiara Ferragni. Since 2009, the brand has urged consumers to “Live Young” through its advertising, with humorous ads showing babies dress as adults. The latest incarnation of this campaign is called “Oversize” and invites consumers to rediscover the world by seeing it through the eyes of a baby. Evian has sponsored the Wimbledon tennis tournament for many years, and the brand’s tennis links were evident at immersive brand experiences this summer in Paris, where giant deckchairs, tennis rackets and skateboards were placed in different locations to enable adults to see the from a baby’s perspective.