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Fast Food: Brand Building Action Points


Brand Building Action Points


1.     Be friendlier

Adopt the latest mobile technology that enables people to order and pay in advance. And invest in state-of-the art equipment so the delivered food is tasty, and the fries are crisp. But faster, tastier food is only part of the equation. Delivering it with a smile makes the difference and provides a difficult-to-imitate competitive advantage.


2.     Be healthier

Consumers visiting a fast food restaurant may not be expecting the healthiest food options, but they are mindful about ingredients, taste, sourcing, and calorie content. Brands need to be mindful, too.


3.     Be honest and fast

Fast food has changed—it is tastier, healthier, and the restaurants are more appealing. Consumers have changed, too. Young people, especially, reject pretense. To them, fast food needs to be authentic—honest food, delivered quickly.


4.     Be smart

If the brand is indulgent, then fulfill that promise, but recognize the border between indulgence and excess, and do not push it. Consumers enjoy a treat. They are more likely to return if they leave feeling satisfied, not guilty.